XIV international Assumption Readings

Sources, Ways of Understanding and Embodiment»



14:00  Opening of the Conference
Holy Assumption Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
Assembly Hall of the Kyiv Theological Academy (building 45)

Metropolitan Onuphrius, of Kyiv and All Ukraine, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox

Greeting Word

Metropolitan Anthony, of Boryspil and Brovary, Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Rector of the Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary

Greeting Word

Archbishop Petro Malchuk , O.F.M., Bishop of the Kyiv-Zhytomyr Diocese

Greeting Word

Bishop Philaret of Lviv and Galicia

Prayer as a Way of Communicating with God

Adalberto Mainardi (Monastic Community of Bose, Italy)

Theology of Communication and the Way towards Unity

Rev. Cyril Hovorun (Yale University, the USA)

Ecclesiology of Communication as a Common Language of Church Traditions

Session Moderator – Constantin Sigov,
Director of the “Dukh i Litera” (Spirit and Letter) Research and Publishing Association



St. Thomas Institute for Religious Studies (Yakira St, 13)


Rev. Francesco Braschi (Milan, Italy)

La koinonia/Communio negli scritti di Ambrogio di Milano: un dono da costruire, una Grazia donata


Anne-Marie Pelletier (Paris)

Vivre la koinonia sous l’inspiration de Vatican II


Brother Richard from Taize (France)

« Mettons-nous sous le même toit » : observations sur une proposition récente de frère Alois de Taizé

11:00  Discussion
11:30 Coffee-break

Conference continued in the same place.

Session moderated by Sergey Horuzhy


Deacon Vasilly (Karl Christian) Felmy (Germany)

Die «koinvonía tôn agíôn» bei Werner Elert und die eucharistische Ekklesiologie bei Metropolit Ioannis Zizioulas. Ein fruchtbares Mißverständnis


Serhiy Bortnyk (Kyiv)

Communio in the Theology of John Zizioulas

13:00 Discussion
13:30  Break

Conference continued in the same place.

Session moderated by Bishop Hilary of Makariv, Vicar of the Kyiv Metropolitanate 


Alexander Filonenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Values in Communication


Rev. Wojciech Surówka OP, (Kyiv)

Christian Understanding of Fraternity


Elena Mazzola (Moscow)

St. John Paul II and Charismas in the Church. On the Example of the Encounter with the “Communione e Liberazzione” Movement

17:00 Discussion
17:30 Coffee-Break

18:00  Presentation of the Book:

Anne-Marie Pelletier, Lectures bibliques.

Participants: Anne-Marie Pelletier, Igor Sakharov, Rev. Antoine Lambrechts, Constantin Sigov



St. Thomas Institute for Religious Studies (Yakira St, 13)

Session moderated by Rev. Antoine Lambrechts


Rev. Olivier P. Peyron (France)

La communion ou l’expression du dialogue théologie – culture entre Est et Ouest : notions et réalités


Sergey Horuzhy (Moscow)

Communication and Contemplation: Verbal and Visual Discourses in the Spiritual Ascent


Rev. Piotr Oktaba (Kyiv)

Koinonia through Participation in the Passion of Christ (koinōia tōn pathēmatōn tou Christou)

10:30 Discussion
11:00 Coffee-break

Conference continued in the same place.

Session moderated by Fr. Cyril Hovorun


Francoise Lesourd (Lyon, France)

The Work of Lev Karsavin: between Catholicism and Orthodoxy


Rev. Petro Balog (Kyiv)

Ecclesiological Specificity of Latin and Eastern Christianity


Michael Hjalm (Stockholm)

Communion: From an Eschatology from Above to an Eschatology from Below

13:00 Discussion
13:30 Break

Conference continued in the same place.

Session moderated by Francoise Lesourd


Adriano dell’Asta (Milan, Italy)

Europe – a Myth of Constructing of a New Empire or Real Communication of Peoples?


Rev. Arseny (Sokolov) (Beirut)

Communication as Condition for Celebrating the Eucharist; Eucharist as Basis for Communication


Rev. Vladimir Zelinsky (Brescia, Italy)

Images of Divine Communion: a “Cloud of Witnesses”

16:30 Discussion
17:00 Coffee-Break

Conference continued in the same place.

Session moderated by Rev. Vladimir Zelinsky


Daria Morozova (Kyiv)

The Antioch School and the Kyiv Academy: Communication through Centuries


Rev. Oleh Kindy (Lviv, Ukraine)

Theantropical Synergy of Divine Philanthropy and Christian Koinonia in the Treatise of Clement of Alexandria  Quis dives salvetur

18:30 Discussion



National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Holy Spirt Church (2, Skovorody St.)

Section 1: Person and Communication

Session moderated by Deacon Vassily Felmy


Rev. Bohdan Ohulchansky (Kyiv)

Christian Communication as a Condition for the Formation of a Person – the Specifics of the Contemporary Information Age


Marek Kita (Krakow, Poland)

Communication of the Holy Spirit as a Pledge of Christian Hope. Lively Experience of a Church Community in the Perspective of Fundamental Theology

10:30 Discussion
11:00 Coffee-break

Davide Navarria (Milan, Italy)

Julien Ries and Luigi Gussani: from the Materialistic Rejection to the Human Depth


Kateryna Rassudina (Kyiv)

Communication as a Creative Factor of the Person: the Personalist Approach

12:30 Discussion

Section 2: Communication in Culture

Session moderated by Yuri Vestel


Tatiana Kochetkova (Leiden, the Netherlands)

The Sense of Communication: Silver Age and the Contemporary World


Elena Glazov-Corrigan (Atlanta, USA)

Poetic Speech and Communication: T.S. Eliot about the “Three Voices of Poetry”      

10:30 Discussion
11:00 Coffee-break

Marie Velikanov (Moscow)

«Communio sanctorum» in Charles Péguy


Irina Bagration-Muhraneli (Moscow)

Topic to be specified

12:30 Discussion
13:00 Break

Conference to be continued.

Session moderated by Elena Glazov-Corrigan


Rev. Mykhaylo Dymyd (Lviv, Ukraine)

The Fullness of Orthodoxy Implies the Fullness of Eucharistic Hospitality


Rev. Fiorenzo Emilio Reati (Brescia, Italy)

The Notion of the Catholic Church as Koinonia during the Second Vatican Council (Yves Congar)


Rev. Georgy Kovalenko (Kyiv)

Christian Community and Communication within it in the Age of the Development of Communication Technologies

16:30 Discussion
17:00 Coffee-break


17:30 Round Table

The Topicality of Communication in the Light of Our Experience

Moderated by Constantin Sigov

Participants: Rev. Bohdan Ohulchansky, Rev. Ihor Shaban, Rev. Antoine Lambrechts, Rev. Philaret Iegorov, Brother Richard, Olivier Vydrin, Anatoly Akhutin, Alexander Filonenko


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