Dear friends,
We cordially congratulate you on the 
Easter of Christ!

We thank God and rejoice that this year we, Christians of the East and the West, celebrate this Feast of feasts together on the same day!

Descent into Hell, late 15th c.

The earliest Ukrainian icon of Resurrection –
Descent into Hell, late 15th c.
Originates from the Intercession of Godmother church
of Polyana village in Lviv region.

On Good Friday, during the Way of the Cross at the Colosseum in Rome, we heard thoughts of the French Bible scholar Ann-Marie Pelletier, who is our great friend and author. She invites us to rediscover the mystery of Christ, who is no stranger to the sufferings of the world:

… to follow Christ on his way, not wandering away from Golgotha, in firm certainty that all sufferings that we may experience in our life and in the life of the world were experienced by Christ and embraced in his life, which was turned into a gift. Thanks to that, our sufferings acquire a new meaning – in the power of his Resurrection, which delivers us from fear and despair.

Anne-Marie Pelletier

May the power of Christ’s Resurrection constantly renew us, making us more capable of granting the world the clarity of the Gospel!

Christ is Risen!

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