Dear friends,

We wholeheartedly congratulate you
on St. Clement’s Day!

On the feast day of St Clement of Rome we want to share our joy with you. This year St Clement showed himself in a new way to us thanks to an unexpected present – the icon, which a boy named Vanya painted on glass and presented to our Centre.

Let us recall what St Clement writes about children:

Let our children have a Christian training. Let them learn the value God sets on humility, what power pure love has with him, how good and excellent it is to fear him, and how this means salvation to everybody who lives in his fear with holiness and a pure conscience (1 Cor. 21)

We wish that the warming gaze of a child may always be present in your work!

P.S. Vanya is one of the beneficiaries of the charitable foundation “Children of Hope and Love,” which was founded by the St Clement’s Centre in 2015.


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