Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine VOLODYMYR.

"The Tasks of the Orthodox Theology in Ukraine at the Present Stage"



Archbishop Iwan JURKOVIC (Kyiv).

"Christian Feasts – the Feasts of Joy and Happiness"



Metropolitan of Volokolamsk HILARION.

"Feast and the Eucharist"



The report of the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk FILARET, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus delivered by his personal Secretary, Hieromonk Antoniy (Doronin)

"Inoculating Immortality"




Rev. Milan ZUST (Vatican).

"Baptism as the Beginning of All Christian Feasts"



Archbishop of Bila Tserkva and Bohuslav MYTROFAN.

Greeting Word to the participants.



Archbishop of Boryspol ANTONY .

"Christian Feasts as the Fullfilment of the Expected: Great Sabbath."


Bishop of Pereyaskav-Khmelnytsk ALEXANDER.

"Art as Feast"



 Bishop of Makariv HILARIY.

"Feast as a Consecrated Time"



 Archpriest Mykola (MAKAR) (Italy).

"Feast as the Unification of Man with God"



 Constantin SIGOV (Kyiv).

Interview about the “Assumption Readings-2010”



Young precentors’ choir (Kyiv-Lyshnya).

“VIVAT SUITE” (Many years!).



Priest Andrzei KAMINSKI (Kyiv).

"Reflections on the Topic of the Feast"



Brother RICHARD (Taize).

"Joy as the Source of Forgiveness"



Professor Andriy BAUMEISTER (Kyiv).

"Christianity beyond the Routine"



Dr. Johannes OELDEMANN (Paderborn, Germany).

"Sunday – the Primordial Feast of Christians"



Prof. Georges NIVAT (Geneva).

"Out of the Self – the Meaning and the Metaphors of Feast"



Rev. Piotr OKTABA O.P. (Kyiv).

"Celebrating and Remembering"



Hegumen Michael van PAREYS (Chevetogne).

"The Feast according to st. Gregory the Theologian"



Prof. Marek KITA (Krakow, Poland).

"The Sophiology of Feast"



Dr. Mikhail SHKAROVSKI (Saint Petersburg).

"The Main Feast of Saint Petersburg"



Round Table in the Institute of st. Thomas Aquinas. 28.09.10





Prof. Karl Christian FELMY (Germany).

"Experiencing the Feast in the Orthodox Church"



Priest Bohdan OHULCHANSKY (Kyiv).

"Feast and Fasting – the Unification of Spirit and Flesh"



Brother Adalberto MAINARDI (Bose).

"Eschatological Meaning of the Feast"



Priest Andrew DUDCHENKO (Kyiv).

"Feast as Anamnesis"



Prof. Volodymyr BUREHA (Kyiv).

"New Year in Soviet times and Later"



 Priest Georgy KOVALENKO (Kyiv).

"‘Tselomudrie’of the Christian Feast"



Priest Georgy BELKIND (Moscow).

"Threeholy Eucharist"



 Professor Viktor MALAKHOV (Kyiv).

"On the Ambivalence of the Feast"



Priest Evgeniy PALAMAR (Poltava).

"Feast as Event"



Kateryna KLUZKO (Kyiv).

"Volonteer Work as a Feast of Liberation and Unification"



 Round  table at the University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’. 30.09.10





Prof. Olexandr FILONENKO.

"Feast in the Eucharistic Anthropology"



"Collegium": In Memory of the philosopher Serhiy KRYMSKYI




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