In 2011 KSTU is happening from Jul 24 to Aug 6.            

Its leading theme  will be

“Childhood in Christian tradition and in contemporary culture.”

Professor Paul Vallier from Butler University (Indianapolis) will speak about the theology of childhood in the novels of Victor Hugo. Inna Golubovich, a philosopher from Odessa, will lecture about the metaphysics and cultural anthropology of childhood and the phenomenon of childhood in biographical and autobiographical experience.  The topics of the lecture course of Irina Bagration-Mukhraneli, a professor of philology from Moscow, will be child and adult perception of space in Mikhail Lermontov, childhood dreams and the character of the lyrical “I” in the poetry of Osip Mandelshtam, among others. Within his general course of the Eucharist anthropology, the theologian and philosopher from Kharkov Alexander Filonenko will give a lecture on the “Child’s language of faith.” A professor of philosophy from Kiev Viktor Malakhov and Constantin Sigov will prepare seminars on the topic.  
The Children's Academy will shoot two films, the topics of which are to be announced soon.

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