Dear friends,
We cordially congratulate you on the 
Easter of Christ!

We thank God and rejoice that this year we, Christians of the East and the West, celebrate this Feast of feasts together on the same day!

Descent into Hell, late 15th c.

The earliest Ukrainian icon of Resurrection –
Descent into Hell, late 15th c.
Originates from the Intercession of Godmother church
of Polyana village in Lviv region.

Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to the

"Tomos Agapis" 15th Kyiv Summer Theological University,

which will take place

from June 28 to July 11, 2017

in the village of Lyshnya in the vicinity of Kyiv

The topic of the University for this year will be


The annual “Tomos Agapis” Kyiv Summer Theological University, which was launched in 2003, represents alternative forms of ecumenical theological education for both clergy and lay men and women. It is named “Tomos Agapis” after the famous correspondence of Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenogores, which developed the chief ideas of the Unitatis Redintegratio Decree on Ecumenism. 


Dear friends!

We wholeheartedly congratulate you with the joy of the Christian Pascha!

Harrowing of Hell (1618-22) by Mesrop of Khizan, a prominent Armenian manuscript illuminator in Persia.

Harrowing of Hell (1618-22) by Mesrop of Khizan,
a prominent Armenian manuscript illuminator in Persia.

On the Easter day, we are especially joyous to read the astonishing words of King David and St. Ambrose of Milan:  

The Resurrection of our Lord is life for the dead, remission of sins for the sinners, and glory for the saints. This is why St. David prompts every creature and all creation to the most joyful triumph of this day, saying: “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Ps. 118:24). This day penetrates everything and illuminates everything, it embraces heaven and the nether regions: because the Light of Christ cannot be blocked by walls, divided by elements, obscured by darkness. The Light of Christ is the day without evening, the infinite day: it shines everywhere, it illuminates every place, and nothing can hide from it.

(Sermon on the Holy Easter)


Dear friends,

We wholeheartedly congratulate you on St. Clement’s Day!


In these uneasy, such nonpeaceful, days we are called to remember one of the first peacemakers in the history of the Church and a glorious witness of Christ. It is exactly in these times of threats and dangers that we should behold the example of such saints. We should continually recall their words and deeds in order to remind ourselves and those around us that “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it,” that all discords and misfortunes are temporary, while the love of Christ is forever:


National Historical and Cultural Reserve “St. Sophia of Kyiv”,
the House of the Metropolitan

9:30 Sessions begin

Unity and Truth: Reflections in the Shade of Saint Sophia

Nullifying the Anathemas of 1054 and Reconciliation between
the Catholic and Orthodox Churches

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