St. Clement's Center cordially greets our Catholic friends upon the election
of Pope Francis!

Francis in prayer. Mosaic by Fr. Marko I. Rupnik. SJ.

In his honour we post a parabel on St. Francis and the perfect joy:

On True and Perfect Joy

How St. Francis taught Brother Leo that perfect joy is only in the Cross.

One day at St. Mary, St. Francis called Brother Leo and said: "Brother Leo, write this down."

He answered: "I'm ready."

"Write what true joy is," he said. "A messenger comes and says that all the masters of theology in Paris have joined the Order -- write: that is not true joy. Or all the prelates beyond the mountain -- archbishops and bishops, or the King of France and the King of England -- write: that is not true joy. Or that my friars have gone to the unbelievers and have converted all of them to the faith; or that I have so much grace from God that I heal the sick and I perform many miracles. I tell you that true joy is not in all those things."

Dear friends!
Congratulations upon the Feast of Nativity of our Lord! We hope you may rejoice with the joy of the angels, shepherds, and the Magi! And we hope for new fruitful encounters in the coming year!
Dear friends!
We send you our greetings on the feast day of St. Clement, Pope and Martyr! We wish you the spirits of peace, unanimity and joy, which are so powerfully expressed in the Epistle of St. Clement! Already at the dawn of Church history this disciple and successor of the Apostles called for peace and entreated his addressees to imitate our Lord Jesus Christ. This is an image of the true Christian community in his eyes:  
Ye were all distinguished by humility, and were in no respect puffed up with pride, but yielded obedience rather than extorted it, and were more willing to give than to receive... His [Christ's] sufferings were before your eyes... Ye were sincere and uncorrupted, and forgetful of injuries between one another. Every kind of faction and schism was abominable in your sight. Ye mourned over the transgressions of your neighbors: their deficiencies you deemed your own. (First Epistle of St. Clement, II).
In continuation of the former five Patristic Colloquies since 2001 under the auspices of the Vienna based foundation PRO ORIENTE, and three years after the last patristic colloquy in Thessaloniki 2009, a new conference took place in Esztergom, the former royal capital of Hungary.
The Conference was organized by Prof. Dr. Theresia Hainthaler (Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) in collaboration with His Excellency Bishop Atanбz Orosz of Miskolc, a member of the group of patristic colloquies, who invited the group to Hungary. Cardinal Erdх proposed the Conference Centre St Adalbert in Esztergom as place of our meeting.

Nativity of Christ. Icon by Victoria Skubko

Nativity of Christ. Icon by Victoria Skubko

The quiet, light Christmas news is more powerful than grief, more powerful than death. Unjust wisdom and chaos step back before the mysterious power, which reveals this news. This news dispels darkness and fear. It brings the light of reason on earth. It witnesses about the eternal victory of truth over any unjust intention. It gives freedom, peace and calm.


Wholeheartedly we congratulate you with the Nativitiy of Jesus Christ!

We thank you for your prayers, friendship and cooperation, and we hope for new meetings in the coming year!

The team of St. Clement’s Centre : Communion and Dialogue of Cultures

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