In 2009, the Kyiv Summer Theological University was held in the Orthodox Centre “The Ark” founded by hegumen Filaret (Iegorov) in the village of Lyshnia (30 km from Kyiv). As always, this location gave some considerable advantages. Living together in a picturesque area, the possibility of informal communication between students, lecturers and guests, regular worship, common meals, and unique atmosphere of a village parochial life – all of that was an indispensable contribution to the learning process and friendly relations between the participants.

During the two summer weeks when the University was held, the village of Lyshnia attracted many guests from different cities and countries, representing different confessional traditions. Therefore, Summer Institute again stood as an ecumenical event.


The aim of life for each Christian is to gain the Kingdom of Heaven in the future eternal life. For someone this narrow way of acquisition goes through daily execution of secular job, so that studying Gospel and praying are saved for leisure time only. The possibility of being in touch with God’s Word constantly is given only to a few of us. First of all, I mean the clergy, theologians, some philosophers, and other experts, who managed to turn the Subject of their love, interest and reflections into the subject of their research. Both groups of searching and reflecting brethren and sisters in Christ are in urgent need of dialogue, a special space for exchanging ideas, and professional and spiritual support of each other. In Ukraine, such space is offered by the Kyiv Summer Theological University (KSTU), which gathered its students in a hospitable “Ark” at the parish of hegumen Filaret’s (Iegorov) in Lishnia village, now for the seventh time. This year the organizers – the European Humanities Research Centre & “Dukh i Litera” Research and Publishing Association  of the University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’ and St. Clement's Centre: communion and dialogue of cultures– not only designed the two-week studying program for adults, but also created a children's program, which included lessons on Christian ethics, fine and applied art, theatre classes, and liturgical singing. Thanks to this innovation, everyone felt a warm family atmosphere.


This musical slideshow gives an overview of Kyiv Summer University 2009. It consists of four parts:

1. Academic lectures and seminars.
2. Children's program (culminating in the play "Noah's Ark").
3. Leisure time program.
4. Church and prayer.

The photos were taken by different participants of the University and then combined in a slideshow.


Parts 1,2,3 - "The Swingle Sisters" perform their "Jazz Sebastian Bach" album (1963). See a nice description here.

Ppart 4 - Rheinberger, Josef, Kyrie performed by the wonderful "Oreya" choir from Zhytomyr.

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